uniquely personal landscapes

We take pride in producing landscape designs that meet commercial objectives with a creative vision and a respect for our natural landscape. The production of LVIAs, design proposals, habitat creation plans and planting strategies have often enabled us to secure planning permission for our clients, marking the beginnings of client partnerships that have occasionally spanned decades. At Gale Common we advised on the creation of a 3km2 artificial hill for the disposal of colliery shale and fuel ash over a 42-year period, from 1962-2004. This first hand experience has given us a unique understanding of the requirements necessary to successfully marry industrial activity within an existing landscape, either through sensitive assimilation into the landscape, or by creating bold contrast. Our work in this sector ranges from landscape strategies for quarries to the sensitive siting of factories and industrial buildings.

JCB World Headquarters, Staffordshire

Circulation Strategies, Landscape Design, Landscape Works Supervision, Masterplanning

Roadford Lake, Devon

Landscape Design, Landscape Works Implementation, Landscape Works Inspection, Site Selection

Minerva, Westminster

Landscape Design, Landscape Works Supervision, Planting Design, Public Realm

Hepworth, West Yorkshire

Aftercare Schemes, Annual Reviews, Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment, Landscape Restoration Design, Landscape Works Inspection

Castle Cement, Rutland

Landscape Management Plans, Landscape Works Inspection, Landscape Works Specification, Planning Applications, Quarry Restoration Design

Gale Common, Yorkshire

Annual Review, Contract Management, Habitat Creation, Landscape Design, Landscape Management Plan