uniquely personal landscapes

When creating urban landscapes, multifunctional design is our aim. A sustainable development agenda and the principles of green infrastructure underpin all that we do. Our ultimate goal is to create high quality, imaginative urban spaces that prioritise people and activate the public realm. Recent work has included urban strategies for a post-industrial landscape in the Lea Valley, East London, which proposed interconnected urban plazas and shared-surface streets. Another example is the Newhall urban expansion project to Harlow, which has included streetscape design in addition to tree planting strategies and phasing plans. And a recent urban riverside regeneration project in Kingston comprised many public realm improvements, including sustainable urban drainage.

Newhall, Essex

Landscape Masterplanning, Management Plans, Phasing Plans, Planning Applications, Pocket Parks, Public Realm, Urban Planting Design

London Museum of Water & Steam

Circulation Strategies, Landscape Design, Masterplanning, Public Realm

Hyde Park, London

Consultation, Landscape Design, Landscape Works Inspection, Sensitive Landscapes

Eastfield Urban Quarter, Northamptonshire

Landscape Design, Public Park, Public Realm, SUDS

Twyford Abbey, London

Concept Designs, Historic Landscapes, Landscape Design Statements, Metropolitan Open Land (MOL), Public Realm, Urban Landscape Studies

Royal Albert Hall, London

Concept Design, Landscape Competition, Public Realm, Urban Planting Design