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Reservoir Siting & Integration

Expertise / Landscape Design / Landscape Works Implementation / Landscape Works Inspection / Site Selection

The Challenge

To minimise the effects on the landscape of a new reservoir within a mid-Devon valley of considerable natural beauty. To fully realise the lake’s potential beauty and create a landscape as natural as the estuaries of South Devon.

The Outcome

Key to achieving this objective was our decision to retain as much woody vegetation as possible, since only years of growth could achieve this effect. Tree removal was carefully considered on a tree-by-tree basis. Running in parallel with the engineering works were several landscape contracts, the largest being around the reservoir perimeter, which meant that most trees and shrubs were planted well ahead of reservoir filling. The planting connected severed field boundaries with new hedgebanks. The hedgebanks worked to create the impression of a shoreline and landscape that had originally developed in relation to the water’s edge. Our design also influenced the selection of the dam site with its curves and Southweek viaduct.