uniquely personal landscapes

Following an established practice philosophy means we have the confidence to ignore landscape fashions, fads and formulas. Ours is a philosophy that produces landscapes where nothing seems forced, nor out of place, where every element effortlessly connects: be that the wider landscape, the past, or the people and communities using a place.

We believe the art of landscape architecture lies in the ability to capture the genius loci, the spirit of the place, and visualise its capabilities. That means we don’t create designs to desktop recipes, but rather develop designs from site observation. We analyse, evaluate and explain the place, its present and its past. We tie together architecture, setting and space. We know and feel what’s right for a place.

We believe every landscape design should respond to our client’s vision, meet and reflect their chosen purpose. Our creative vision adds imagination and new dimensions, unlocking the potential of any brief and its landscape context.

We believe coherence, meaning and individuality all come from rigorous design discipline and it is these design principles that gift a landscape with lasting beauty.


We improve the fabric and hierarchy of spaces as you move through the landscape. We create imaginative relationships between one space and another: through scale, openness and enclosure, not mere functional fit.

Sightlines and Views

We give frameworks, axes and sightlines meaning and ornament; we define and create views – in, out, across and to borrowed prospects beyond. A landscape without views is a design without life.


We design built structure to be artful and durable, using fine natural and modern materials.

Contrast and Context

To create flow, mood, balance, and appropriate complexity, we use contrasts: light and shade, rough and smooth, formal and informal; and we use the context of the landscape – its sounds and scents, its feel and history, its levels and landforms, and water, existing or introduced. We add dimensions.


No landscape is complete without an imaginative design for planting, of trees, shrubs and flowers in rich mix and with careful juxtaposition to create seasonal variety and ecological diversity. Plantsmanship is fundamental to the creation of lasting beauty and pleasure.