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Ox Lee Quarry - Siting & Restoration

Expertise / Aftercare Schemes / Annual Reviews / Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment / Landscape Restoration Design / Landscape Works Inspection

The Challenge

Hepworth Building Products had identified two sites for possible clay extraction. In order to make a final decision they required an evaluation of the impact of quarrying at each site. We were appointed to carry out a landscape and visual impact assessment of both sites. The sensitive location of the proposed sites in the well-loved ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ landscape around Holmfirth added to the challenge.

The Outcome

Factors assessed included the physical characteristics of each site, the proposed working method (including landscape design) and zones of visual influence. Planning permission was gained to quarry the selected site and we have since been retained to contribute landscape restoration proposals for other new quarries. A close working relationship with our client has ensured the consistent delivery of successfully vegetated schemes across challenging and dramatically re-levelled ground. This has helped establish the company’s good reputation for sensitive and considered restoration, which has played a great part in the success of their ongoing planning applications.