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Restoration, Landscaping & Aftercare

Expertise / Landscape Management Plans / Landscape Works Inspection / Landscape Works Specification / Planning Applications / Quarry Restoration Design

The Challenge

The first planning permission for quarrying operations at Grange Top Quarry was an Interim Development Order (IDO) permission granted in 1947. Following legislation requiring the review of such permissions, we were appointed to advise on the working, restoration, aftercare and after-use of the Grange Top Quarry.

The Outcome

Our proposals secured the necessary planning permission. Since 1990 we have provided design advice, discharged landscape conditions, dealt with footpath diversions, led the restoration of the worked quarry area and supervised all ongoing landscape management. We have also acted as landscape consultants for the design of a substantial extension to the quarry, coordinating the Environmental Impact Assessment and preparing visual analyses. Following a public inquiry in 2002, at which we appeared as expert witness, permission for the extension was granted.