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3 Meadows Regent's Park


Regent's Park Sports Masterplan

Expertise / Circulation Strategy / Historic Landscape / Meadow Landscape / Sports Pitch Masterplanning

The Challenge

To re-masterplan the northern parkland of the Grade I Listed Regent’s Park, resolving a long-term conflict between sports and non-sport user groups. Specifically, to return a sense of the parkland character proposed in the original masterplan by John Nash, while still providing sports facilities for the surrounding areas, which include some of London’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

The Outcome

A collaboration with David Morley Architects. The Hub, conceived by David Morley, provides a focal point in the landscape. Our Sports Masterplan encloses the sports pitches with areas of flowering meadow grass and new parkland trees. A circuitous path provides a leisurely route around the pitches, popular with joggers, dog walkers and others seeking immersion in the meadow parkland landscape - away from the more intensive sports activities. This successful masterplan has sensitively integrated a new building within a historic landscape; facilitated an increased use of Regent’s Park for sports; and increased local biodiversity.