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Zoo Masterplanning & Enclosure Design

Expertise / Circulation Strategies / Enclosure Design / Habitat Creation / Planting Design / Site Masterplanning

The Challenge

To come up with a winning proposal for the new Orang-utan enclosure. Having won the design competition our appointment developed into a wider advisory role on all aspects of the development and enhancement of the zoo landscape and environment.

The Outcome

Developed with the zoo directorate, our Masterplan for Durrell Wildlife Park (then Jersey Zoo) re-evaluated visitor circulation. We created an open and welcoming entrance, designed to draw visitors in and direct them in their progression around the zoo. We developed designs for specific enclosures in partnership with the animal keepers through a series of workshops. Each enclosure is designed around the specific needs of the animals, encouraging natural social behaviour and good health. Durrell Wildlife Park’s central valley, which is now home to a flamboyant flurry of Pink Flamingos and other waterfowl, was redesigned to incorporate circulating water, cascades to aid aeration, and reed beds to extract excess nutrients - all of which help to clean the watercourse naturally.