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New Golf Course, Cherkley Court

Expertise / AONB / Environmental Stewardship / Expert Witness Statements / Green Belt / Historic Landscapes / Landscape Design Statements / LVIAs / Management Plans / Masterplanning

The Challenge

To incorporate a new golf course that conserves and enhances the ecological value and natural beauty of a site that is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Area of Great Landscape Value and, with its Ancient Woodland, an Area of Higher Conservation Interest.

The Outcome

We used the existing attractive features of the landscape - undulating landform, parkland trees and chalk grassland flower meadows - to create the setting for the new golf course. By employing the Ecological Management Plan we ensured that those areas would be managed for the enhancement of wildlife interest. On the higher ground inappropriate tree species were removed to restore a more open Downs landscape. In the low lying areas of the site new tree planting was used to create a more varied mosaic of open and enclosed landscape spaces.