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Capability Brown Landscape Restoration

Expertise / Capability Brown / Conservation Management Plan / Historic Landscape Restoration / Planting Plans For Historic Sites / Sensitive Landscape

The Challenge

We have enjoyed a long association with Compton Verney. Over a 15-year period we have been appointed to help secure planning permissions, as well as prepare conservation plans, tree management strategies and the specification of landscape works.

The Outcome

This once derelict 18th-century mansion, with its badly neglected and reduced parkland (designed by ‘Capability’ Brown), is now home to an art gallery of international standing. We provided guidance on the siting of the present reception building, which ensured that it was carefully integrated into the landscape. One of our principal concerns has been to ensure that the genius loci remains intact. In deciding which historic trees to keep we had to find a careful balance between preserving the original park design while also integrating the new facilities. Paths mown through meadow have been designed to allow visitors to fully appreciate the character and spirit of the place. Clearance of overgrown woodland on the east side of Compton Verney lake re-opened views to the house, which can now be enjoyed from reinstated historic path routes. Brown originally intended these views of the house to be seen from across the water. Today, visitors can enjoy the same outlook as the gentry once did.