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Historic Parkland Plan

Expertise / Higher Level Stewardship / Historic Landscape / Landscape Management Strategies / Planting Plans Historic Sites

The Challenge

A Parkland Plan was required to underpin of a programme of landscape restoration for Tackley Park and its Grade II* early 17th-century Water Gardens. Demolition of the mansion and extensive woodland planting in the 20th-century obscured the intentions of the original layout. Village expansion and industrial development compromised its setting.

The Outcome

A review of archival material established the historic development of the park. Important contemporary estate plans, one of which we rediscovered during this study, were key to identifying the product and sequence of work. A site survey of field archaeology, historic trees, ecology, water features and views supported archival findings. Threats to the landscape, the significance of the historic landscape, and current estate management were also considered. Two principal phases of landscape works were identified and a series of prioritised management strategies was developed. Funding was subsequently awarded for implementation. Thank you to the Bodleian Libraries for use of their image: Bodleian Libraries, The University of Oxford, MS.Top. Oxon. a. 69, no.537.