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London Bombings Memorial

Expertise / Consultation / Landscape Design / Landscape Works Inspection / Sensitive Landscapes

The Challenge

To provide non-sentimental advice on the location and integration into the eastern edge of Hyde Park of a new memorial to the victims of the London tube and bus bombings on 7 July 2005. To advise lead designers Arup and Carmody Groarke, as well as the steering group made up of The Royal Parks Agency, CGMS and representatives of the bereaved families.

The Outcome

A simple composition of earth form, grass texture, trees and sky that create a subtle but distinct place while mediating with the wider landscape of Hyde Park. With earth mounding and areas of longer grass we hoped visitors would feel apart from the bustle of the park when within the memorial, but for the memorial to feel a part of the park landscape when viewed from without. We worked hard to resist pressures for sentimental flowerbeds, believing that the minimalist elegance of the Carmody Groarke’s memorial design - 52 cast stainless steel stelae, one for each of the victims – would be better complimented by a strong, simple landscape design.