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Skyline Masterplan & Policy Advice

Expertise / New Tall Building Opportunities / Planning Policy Advice / Tall Buildings & Key Views / Urban Landscape Study / View Assessments

The Challenge

Edinburgh City Council commissioned us to review and update their Tall Buildings Policy. The updated policy was to help Planning Officers understand the impact of proposed new tall buildings on the World Heritage Site, as well as, identify opportunities for new tall buildings that could enhance the skyline of Edinburgh.

The Outcome

Our starting point was to identify and seek consensus through public consultation on both the built and natural features that contribute towards Edinburgh’s iconic image. We identified and assessed key views to these features and created a skyline contour map that defined a limit of development that would not impact on a key view. Data sheets were prepared for each view as a tool for developers and officers to help them understand the impact of a proposal which would breach the skyline contour. The resulting skyline masterplan along with our policy advice has been adopted by Edinburgh City Council and is proving to be an accessible tool for developers and officers alike as they shape the future of Edinburgh’s skyline.