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Para 55 NPPF

Expertise / Landscape Design / Landscape Management Plan / Masterplanning / Planning Application / Planting Design

The Challenge

To use Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework to successfully secure planning permission for building a new house in the open countryside. Para 55 is a clause that permits only the building of houses considered to be of “exceptional quality or innovative design”.

The Outcome

Partnering with Adams Architecture we developed the landscape proposals for the house, outbuildings and wider estate land. It was the decision to place the new house within a derelict railway embankment that led to planning permission being granted. In this unique placement the house becomes an integral part of an existing linear landscape feature. The wings of the house physically connect the building to the embankment and it is possible to walk down the line of the old railway track, through gardens, to enter the house at first floor level. The house will enjoy views to both north and south across a wider landscape where planting and habitat creation proposals will reverse recent denudation and restore an intimate pastoral landscape.