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Joanna Wall

Joanna Wall, Associate, MA CMLI

Joanna believes every creation, however small and seemingly insignificant, needs its own story and narrative to become meaningful and alive. She is a chartered landscape architect and garden designer with 15 years experience of designing and implementing private, commercial, heritage and ecological landscapes across the UK and overseas. Over the past 10 years she has worked on over 60 projects ranging from small London gardens, through to the rejuvenation of walled gardens, masterplanning and garden design for large estates. Joanna has also created themed landscapes for glamping sites, designed new playgrounds and public parks. Joanna has had the most exciting career with fantastic opportunities to work on unusual and fun projects where she could collaborate with some of the best architects, landscape architects and garden designers. Notable examples include gardens for a new contemporary house designed to float on a lake, formal gardens of a Jacobean hall that used to be a cheese making factory and wedding venue to help the new owner to convert bare grounds into family gardens once again. She sees through intuition and her design for a HEADSPACE border won a gold medal at the BBC Gardeners World Show in 2019.

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