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Chris Carter

Chris Carter, Consultant, DIPLA CMLI

A peripatetic childhood and his grandmother’s Devon garden instilled in Chris an acute awareness of places and the defining differences between them. He believes atmosphere is the key, but not always the acknowledged, element in landscape design and garden making. To every project Chris brings his vast knowledge of plants, planting and horticulture. Among his many undertakings has been a substantial coastal garden in Brittany for the holiday house of a German client who required maximum flower power during his holiday season. When Leeds Castle asked for a memorable new garden overlooking the Great Water, Chris made exuberant use of terrace levels, sunny walls and pergolas to fully exploit the brilliance of the setting. And the Rose Garden at Hyde Park Corner, once a featureless and waterlogged area, is now a fanfare and popular place to pause as one enters Hyde Park. Chris holds that a true expert is unafraid to admit to not knowing everything. He believes that the more you know in your field of expertise, the more you realise there is still to learn.

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