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Brenda Colvin – A Career in Landscape by Trish Gibson.

Brenda Colvin was not a self-publicist.  She was more interested in doing great work and, as founder member and president of the Landscape Institute, fighting to ensure that landscape architects be involved from the very start – not called in as ‘exterior decorators’ after the architects and engineers had finished their work.  As a result her contribution to landscape architecture was only truly recognised by those lucky enough to have worked with her.

Trish Gibson provides some well-deserved publicity in her meticulously researched, beautifully illustrated and captivating new book.  She uses previously unpublished materials to chart Brenda’s pioneering career and leaves the reader in no doubt of her legacy, which continues to live on and influence landscape architecture to this day.


A fascinating read. Brenda was an inspiration, and a link between the past and the future of gardening. English Garden
Gibson has written the perfect book about Colvin, collecting information and illustrations that bring her life and work to life, and showing sensitivity and understanding towards her as a person. Publisher Frances Lincoln has scored another hit with a book that may change perceptions as subtly but surely as a belt of newly planted trees. Country Life
Carefully researched and copiously illustrated, 'A Career in Landscape’ fills an important gap in landscape history and leaves one eager to learn more, surely the sign of a really successful biography. BBC Gardens Illustrated

Listen to Trish Gibson talk about Brenda Colvin on BBC4’s Woman’s Hour

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